Attorney and Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Ben Palkowski is an attorney at the Old Colony Law firm in Massachusetts, with main offices in Hadley, Massachusetts.

Ben Palkowski, Attorney, CPA

I’m proud to work at the Old Colony Law firm where I focus my practice on serving families, independent businesses and nonprofits.

Massachusetts Estate Planning

Most people work hard to accumulate assets and enjoy their freedoms during their lifetime, but fail to exercise their right to engage in estate planning.

In fact, studies and surveys routinely reveal that as many as two-thirds or even 70% of adults die without a will. Most people don’t like the government making decisions for them during their lifetime, but leave it to the government to decide the disposition of their assets at their death or who manages their affairs should they become legally incapacitated.

I’m proud to work at a law firm that not only views estate planning as an extension of our property rights and fundamental freedom, but as a necessity. My clients tend to be middle-class and high-net-worth individuals. As such, my clients view estate planning as much more than getting ready for the nursing home or “putting your house into a trust.” Indeed, estate tax minimization and asset protection should also be emphasized in the estate planning process.

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